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All you have to do is say hello,  that’s all you need to do to find out why Hypergiant Industries is the right home for your merchandise production.  So many places have forgotten about the value of communication, personal interaction, and great customer service, instead choosing to focus on volume production, soulless forms, and frigid emails.

We’ve all been there on the opposite side of one of these transactions, wondering who’s on the other end and if they even care about what we’re doing.  At Hypergiant Industries, we’re all heart.  You’ll deal with us directly.  We’ll walk you through the process personally, and we take great pride in the overall customer experience.

Our Daily Fundamentals :
Create Something Beautiful
Bring Joy to Our Customers
Provide Exemplary Service
Be Awesome to Everyone
Help as Much as Possible
Give Back When We Can
Act as Someone's Catalyst
Never Settle for Just OK
  • It's nice to work with a company that can color match my designs and help pick the right colors to make them come to life on the garment. Hypergiant was able to do this and do it well when other shops said it couldn't be done.

    Eric B Brand Owner
  • I ran a clothing line and brand for a few years and worked with Shane. Even though I have been inactive for quite some time, he keeps in touch with me and checks to see what he can do to help me relaunch and grow. It is refreshing to work with someone who wants to see you succeed, not just themselves.

    Shari N. Designer
  • I worked with the Hypergiant guys before they were Hypergiant. They were the first ones I ever worked with on my brand. I tried other shops, but the care and attention to detail wasn't there. Working with Hypergiant, I get the opportunity to have someone act as a sounding board for my ideas to ensure that color combinations or ink types will work. They have also directed me towards a number of great designers. They're like an extension of our company now.

    George M. President / CEO
  • Hypergiant was recommended to us by the guys at Genius and we've been completely happy ever since. They've walked us through the process, sent us sample garments to see before hand, and worked with us on deadlines. We can't speak highly enough of them. If you need something made, they're your guys.

    Win L. Design & Development
  • In all of my years of working with t-shirts and promotional materials for the different projects I've been involved in, the shirts I received from Hypergiant Industries for Rick and Morty were some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

    Ben Adult Swim / Art Director
  • Shane and the crew at Hypergiant Industries have been THE go-to print shop for me for over 5 years now and the feeling of genuine care for their product and their customer is unparalleled in the printing industry. They are always glad and willing to talk you through every option and explain the finer nuances and subtitles of what makes an excellent end product. What separates these guys from the pack is that they'll nerd out over your designs as much, if not more-so than you will - this is their passion and it shows in every order that leaves their shop.

    Jason Carne Carmel Type Co / Designer & Letterer


Each merchandise company does things differently.  If you’re talking with us, chances are you’ve probably experienced one or two of them over time.  Much like with anything else, there are many different pieces of the puzzle that effect the final product.  Here’s a step by step look into part of what makes us different.


Extensive Research

As a team, we have over twenty years of experience in this industry.  This doesn’t count our production staff, that is just in the front office.  It was very important to us that we take the time to generate a product that was good enough not just to impress you as the customer but also to impress ourselves.  We strive for excellence every day, refining the process with each step.  While we are confident that we’ve got the “winning formula”, we are humble enough and smart enough to realize that we can always be better.


Caring is Crucial

Looking over the economical landscape of the world, the people and companies that produce the best quality products are those who care the most about what they do.  Speed is important, but it can’t come at the cost of quality.  Each person you contact from the very first “hello” to you receiving your items has been selected personally to give you the best hands on treatment.  We love what we do and feel that it shows through in what we produce.  We hope you can see it as well.


Pinpoint Precision

One word, lasers.  Does your printer use lasers?  We like to pretend we live in the Star Wars generation; we can’t have light sabers but we can use lasers and get insanely close accuracy for placement with all of the products we work with.  It is important to make sure that the print is where you want it to be.  While no one will be 100% precise all of the time due to the human element, we strive to be as close as we can.


Quality Control

Most merch printers will provide you with a mockup.  How many of them do you know that go through a three step approval process and then take an approved sample, put it on a mannequin and then use it to check against the shirts coming out to ensure that everything’s right?  If you said not many, you’re correct.  We take a serious stance on quality control and try to have everything double checked, if not triple checked.  We like to think you get what you pay for.  You could go to a small time local printer or a guy with a press in his garage, but are you truly going to be taken care of?