Turn Around Time / Scheduling
Production turn around begins at the time when we’ve received payment for your order, we have all of the details and we have usable art files.  Once all of these things have been received the clock on your order starts ticking.  From start to finish we strive to meet the following windows:

Simple Orders, No Add On Services: 7-9 Business Days + shipping time.
Complex Orders or Orders With Add On Services: 10-11 Business Days + shipping time.

To ensure we can meet this window, please approve all spec sheets as soon as possible and try to refrain from post payment changes.  Changes to your order after payment will cause delays.  If you need your order in a faster turn around window than those listed above, please let us know.  There are things we can do to make accommodations for your order.

Please Note: If you have an event date, you need to tell us at the start of your order.  If you wait til the order is in production to tell us when you need your garments, we may not be able to accommodate your request at that time due to current scheduling.

Event Orders
Hypergiant Industries will do whatever we can to meet any event date provided to us by our customers, but we cannot guarantee it won’t come without additional fees, rush charges may apply.  You may be responsible for expedited shipping charges or overtime labor fees associated with the order.

Many of the services we offer require minimums or certain quantity points you have to meet or be at.  These are set to correctly allocate labor charges so we can pay all of our employees.  These minimums are company policy and usually are not deviated from.  This isn’t to say that deviation isn’t possible, just that it must be met with the understanding that labor charges must be covered regardless of how many items are ordered.

Uncontrollable Situations Policy
There are a lot of situations outside of the control of Hypergiant Industries, including but not limited to:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • UPS mechanical failure
  • UPS service failure
  • garment control issues
  • press or production equipment failure

These are events that we cannot predict nor do we have the ability to stop.  These things may cause issues with turn around time or possibly disrupt event dates.  We will do our best to ensure that orders are completed in a timely manner but in times where an uncontrollable situation does arise, there isn’t much we can do except notify you and try to make arrangements to assist as best we can.

Payment Terms
All payment, unless otherwise coordinated by Hypergiant staff, is required in full up front.  The products we create are custom printed to your specification and once they have been printed are now useless to us.  They cannot be returned to the supplier for a refund and cannot be sold by us as they’re printed with your art.  This is why we do require up front payment.

Hypergiant Reserves the Right to Adjust Quotes
Due to the fluctuating costs of supplies and materials, all quotes provided by Hypergiant Industries are only considered applicable and accurate for 14 days.  If 14 days have gone by and you have not accepted your quote or paid for your order, Hypergiant staff will re-evaluate pricing to make sure nothing has changed.  If changes to the garment or paper costs did take place, adjustment to your quote may be necessary.

Bounced Checks
If you choose to pay by check and issue a bad or canceled check to Hypergiant Industries there will be a fee of $30 added to your order to cover the cost incurred from our bank.

Cancelation & Restocking
Order cancellations after the process has begun will be subject to a 15% restocking fee plus any additional fees required to cover services already rendered. No cancellations will be allowed once production or any product manipulation (tag removal, printed tags, printing, hem tagging, etc.) has started on the order.

Art Approval Process
All artwork is to be approved through a digital mock-up that will be provided to you by email. Artwork needs to be checked for spelling, color, garment sizes, art placement and accuracy of the artwork by you, the customer. It is incredibly important to look over every detail of the mockup, as we will use this as the guide for producing your order. Hypergiant Industries cannot / will not accept responsibility for corrections not implemented and/or requested after artwork approval. Any adjustments requested after customer approval will result in production delays and could also require additional fees. Any delays in the approval process longer than 24 hours after you receive the mockup can result in production delays.

Pantone Colors & Why They’re Important
The Pantone Color Matching System (PMS for short) is a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, we can ensure that we refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match within 2 shades of what you’re expecting.  Every computer will show colors differently, even different programs on the same computer will often show colors to be different.  This can make color selection troublesome for both you as the customer and us in production.  This is why Pantone colors are extremely critical.

As a customer, the best thing you can do for color accuracy is make sure that you own a Pantone book.  You can buy these direct from Pantone here.  While they are on the expensive side, it’s going to be one of your best and most utilized tools in making sure you know what you’re getting when you open the box.  As these colors are mixed by hand, they are extremely close but can vary ever so slightly, so we do allow a variance of up to 2 shades lighter or darker.  In most situations, these variations will be virtually unnoticeable, but as they can and do happen, we want to make sure that you know about them in advance.

A lot of people don’t use Pantone colors when they design, leaving us with no option but to pick the Pantone color closest to the design for printing.  This may or may not be really close to your file, so please make sure you’re mindful of Pantone colors when getting your file ready.

Garment Availability
From time to time our suppliers may be out of a particular item or color.  While we do our best to check availability before proceeding with your order, screen printing is an industry that changes on a moment’s notice and stock checks done three hours ago may no longer be applicable.  This is not something we can control and we cannot be held accountable for garments that are no longer available, it’s just an unfortunate situation.  We will do our best to provide you with alternatives for the item or color that isn’t available.

Garment Coloring
Garment manufacturers dye their shirts in large batches called lots.  These lots can vary in color by a couple of shades, some being darker, some being lighter, maybe even having more of one color in the mix than it should.  These are standard to the apparel industry and will not be the responsibility of Hypergiant Industries as we are not the manufacturers of the garments themselves.

Manufacturer Defects
Hypergiant Industries is not responsible for defects caused by the manufacturer of the materials such as color inconsistencies, different dye lots, stitching errors, mislabeled garments, loose/inconsistent stitching, and/or garment defects (holes in garments, ripped seams, etc.). We do our absolute best to inspect the items as we print them, but we cannot guarantee each one. We do not manufacture of these items, so we cannot with 100% certainty ensure their construction. We highly recommend ordering extras of each size if an exact count is essential to your order.

Social Sharing
We try our best to stay connected with our customers through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This sometimes means posting pictures of the great things we print as they come off the press. We also like to show off our hard work on our own site. We assume it’s OK to share photos of your products unless you tell us otherwise.

Client Satisfaction Clause
Hypergiant Industries will not be responsible for whether or not you like the garment/paper printed on or the printed artwork.  The only thing we can control is the quality of the printing itself.  We try our best to ensure you have chosen a garment that you will enjoy and that matches your final needs, but we also do expect you to do some research about the materials. We will try our best to provide garment size specs for any product you’re interested in, we also recommend you confirm and verify any information on the manufacturers’ site to ensure the garment is going to fit as you intend. If you have any doubt about whether you will like any particular item, we highly recommend ordering a blank sample prior to production. Please understand that ordering blank samples will push back the turnaround time. Blank samples are available for purchase from Hypergiant, but are not refundable or do not credit towards the cost of your order.

Placement Variation
Slight variations are to be expected in terms of image placement from item to item when printing garments. We cannot guarantee that each image will be printed in the exact same distance from either seam or collar on every individual item.  We do set a base line for printing when we run each design, but as these are loaded by human hands onto a moving machine, there can be slight shifts.  Fortunately, these are not significant movements and the differentiations will be negligible.

Waterbase & Discharge Inks
Waterbase and discharge printing are fantastic ways to get unique items that are super soft, usually these inks have no hand or feel once you wash them (you have to wash them to get the excess pigment out of the garment before it’s a no feel print).  This doesn’t come without risks or drawbacks.  When printing with discharge and waterbase, there are variations out of our control.  Waterbase inks will fade in color as the shirt dye will influence the inks, discharge inks may cause varying shades in the design based on the dye in the garment before we start printing.  This isn’t something we can predict nor is it something we can control.  When printing discharge, you do not see the final product until the shirt comes out of the dryer.  Due to these factors, any variations caused by discharge or waterbase when printing will be considered standard and are not eligible for refunds or reprints.

Over the Zipper
We absolutely can do over zipper/seam/collar printing.  Please be aware though that these print areas are very likely to produce defects and errors. The ink can build up and look rough or bubbly, an opposing texture from the rest of the print.  It can also create gaps in the print where no ink will be on the garment due to a peak and valley formed by the seam.  Because of this, we do not guarantee printing over these areas will be without imperfections.  This is a risk that must be assumed by the customer.  We will advise of the issues and will not accept the responsibility for reprints or refunds due to dissatisfaction with printing over the zipper.

Quality Assurance Double Check
At Hypergiant Industries, we do a very thorough job with Quality Assurance, as best as we can with the volume of goods we produce.  We have fairly high standards, but we cannot / do not catch everything, sometimes things slip through.  It is imperative that while we do a QA check, you also perform a QA check of your own before sending out the goods to your customers.  Hypergiant Industries will not accept any responsibility / liability for lost customers, accounts, business, time, shipping charges due to items that were returned by your customers for quality issues.  Please double check your goods before you send them out.  If you have any concerns about what you received, contact us immediately after reviewing your items.

Under Runs, Spoilage & Exact Counts
Screen printing is and isn’t an exact science. We do our best to deliver the ordered quantity for your order. However, printing errors can and do happen, manufacturers have defects, screens breakdown, lots of things can happen. For that reason, we have an established spoilage allowance. This is an industry standard and just sets an acceptable margin of error for each order.

All orders within the spoilage allowance of the ordered quantity will be considered acceptable for delivery. Because of this reason, we do recommend you order extra garments for each size. We can not be responsible for profit loss on under runs, but we will credit you for the cost of the garments shorted.  If you would like, if we have spoilage higher than our  established allowance, we will reprint the missing garments.

Standard Size Prints: Up to 5% or a minimum of 10 pieces.
Jumbo Prints: Up to 8%

Errors & Misprints
We’re not perfect here at Hypergiant Industries, even though we do strive to be as close as we can.  Mistakes can happen, there’s a degree of human error that exists in each of our every day lives.  Our error rate is quite low, usually effecting less than 2% of orders, but if this does happen to you, please make sure that contact us within 72 hours of receiving your items.  Time is critical, the faster you tell us of the problem, the faster we can help to reach a resolution.

If you wait to contact us for weeks or months after receiving your order, the options we have available to assist you become slimmer and slimmer.  Contact us here as soon as you realize there is a problem.  If we do happen to make a mistake when printing we will happily reprint your order within 10 business days, we stand behind what we do 100%.  Please note we do not offer refunds, only reprints.