Letterpress printing has become the primary printing technique for business cards, stationary, invitations, and greeting cards for anyone hoping to make a brilliant impression on the recipient.

Business Cards

One of the most common uses for Letterpress printing is business cards.  It’s used to create an interesting and unique item that isn’t your typical digitally printed throw away item.  People are handed lots of business cards over time and most of them get lost in the shuffle.  Letterpress is a chance to hand someone a card that will stop them in their tracks.  We’ve included pricing for standard business card size (2 x 3.5) for a number of color combinations using what we feel is the most common paper option for cards.  This is not the only option available though, so if you have a specific request or idea, please contact us.  There are endless possibilities.

1 / 0$1.28$1.06$0.61$0.41
1 / 1$2.75$1.31$0.86$0.52
2 / 0$2.75$1.31$0.86$0.52
2 / 1$3.26$1.80$1.00$0.62
Pricing is # of colors & sides.  1 / 1 is a 1 color front and 1 color back.  French Muscletone Paper.  Other paper available upon request (additional fees apply).