Wait…Where’s the Pricing?

Here’s a different and interesting take on the printed apparel industry: honesty in pricing.  Most other print shops have visible list pricing on their websites, but that’s not always what’s best for you.  Unlike suppliers for other items like flatstock, buttons, stickers, and digital, garment manufacturer’s frequently run sales.  Depending on the order volume you require, garment prices can fluctuate.  In cases like these, the savings are not usually passed on to you as the consumer, they’re kept by the production facility.   We never saw this as a fair and balanced equation, it never equaled out on the scales.  For that reason, you’ll never see apparel production pricing on Hypergiant.  We feel you should be able to trust the people you work with, we should trust you and you should trust us.  Things work better that way.

But How Do We Get Pricing Then?
Each order will be custom quoted based on your specific needs and requirements.  This helps us to ensure that we work with you one on one to get you the best product at the best price.  Often times people select garments based on what they feel they can afford, not what they really need.  We take the guessing game out of the equation.  You tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll price it for you, if you want to go the opposite way and say “I’m looking for something in the $8 range” we can analyze those options too.  By not having a pricing grid posted, if the item is on sale that week, then the price is lower that week.  We do what we can to help.

We want you to know that we have your best interests in mind, a happy and successful customer makes us a stronger and more successful business.  Every time you enter into a conversation with us, know that our end goal is to get you everything you want or need and to shed light onto other options and add ons that you may have not been aware of..  Without you, there is no us, and we’re aware of that.


What Can We Do For You?


Multiple Ink Types

Like most facilities, there’s very few limitations to what we can provide for you.  Hybrid printing, plastisol, waterbase, discharge, metallic, glow in the dark, chrystalline, and more.  If you’ve got an idea of what you’d like to accomplish, there’s almost always going to be a way for us to make it happen.  We’re just crafty like that.  Keep in mind that some ink types are more expensive and do require additional fees, but all of that will be clarified for you at the start, no hidden fees.


Custom Color Mixing

We don’t give you a list of stock colors to choose from, that’s limiting and doesn’t give you enough options for your company, brand, or event.  Instead, we will ask you to pick a color from the Pantone system and provide that to us and we’ll match it.  If you cannot provide us with a color code, we’ll pick the one closest to your file and use that.  When we choose the colors, we’ll provide you with those colors so you know exactly what we’ll use so you know what to expect!


Oversize Prints

Would you like for your print to cover the bulk of the front of the shirt?  We’ve got you covered.  With capabilities of printing up to 16 x 22, we can spread ink in large coverage areas and help provide you with that big bold statement piece of a shirt that you’re looking to create.  Oversize prints do come with an upcharge, $0.50-$0.75 per garment dependent upon the number of colors and the size of the print.


Process Printing

Who says that everything complex has to be digital?  We certainly didn’t.  At Hypergiant, we’ll work with your art in any situation required to ensure that we print as “true to file” as possible within our color limitations.  If you’re unfamiliar with process printing, it’s the technique of blending colors together on press through the use of halftones, dots, overprinting, etc. to create new colors.  This allows us to create stunning graphics that contain many different colors while only printing 8-12.


Printed Tags

Are you looking for custom branding in your garments?  Don’t want other people to know what garments you’re using?  We’ve got you covered.  Printed tags are a fantastic upgrade for your orders to help give you a leg up on the competition and a soft tag free alternative to what can often be itchy and irritating sewn in neck tags.

Pricing on this service will decrease as quantities increase and will span across your entire order.


Hem Tags

Sewn in tags add a nice touch to sleeves, bottom hems, pockets, hoods, hats, and many other items.  While we don’t create these tags internally, we can have them attached to your garments for you.  If this is a service you’re looking into, our recommendation is to contact either ClothingLabels4U or Cruz Label to get them made and have them ship to us!

Pricing on this service will decrease as quantities increase and will span across your entire order.


Hang Tags

We can coordinate the creation for you, we can have them attached to your garments, with hang tags, we can do everything.  Hang tags are a retail ready way to showcase information specific to a design, to your brand, or even to provide your customers with discount codes for their next order.  This is a fairly inexpensive addition that can make a big difference in the long run.


Folding & Bagging

Tired of having to fold shirts before you ship them out?  Do your garments sometimes sit around for a bit and get dusty before getting shipped out?  Keep them neat and clean by having them folded and bagged before you even receive them.  Complete with size stickers posted on the outside of the bags, it creates a grab and go situation making shipping to your customer that much faster.

Pricing on this service will decrease as quantities increase and will span across your entire order.


Tag Removal

Whether you’ve got printed tags or sewn in hem tags, tag removal is a way to get rid of that extra manufacturer information and make the garment feel more like it is yours and not just a generic tee.  Some tags tear out, some remove really cleanly, but others may leave behind a little “tag residue” in the garment in the form of visible tag left in the seams.  This happens on garments like v-necks, tanks, and fleece where they sew the tag into the seam instead of under the seam.  Note: Tag removal can only be done if you have replaced the necessary info like country of origin, size, % of material, etc.  We cannot ship goods without this.